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The Latest Developments in Cosmetic Dentistry

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There was a time when your family dentist offered little more than cleaning, straightforward and fillings cosmetic procedures like caps and crowns. When these procedures left you with teeth which were at least functional, they did little to fully restore your smile or give one to you that you may be proud of. Nowadays, your cosmetic dentist can provide you with a variety of processes and treatments which are made to give you a radiant and perfect smile, regardless of how bad your teeth are to begin with.
Brighter, Whiter Teeth
Although many people have spent our entire lives brushing and flossing our teeth in an attempt to keep them as white as possible, the basic truth is that time is not always our friend. As we age, our teeth can be stained by a variety of things, such as nicotine, coffee, tea and wine. Regardless of how much we scrub our teeth, they become yellow and dingy through time. Lately, dentists have started to offer professional bleaching or teeth whitening services that will eliminate all of the and leave you with dazzlingly white teeth you will never be scared to show off.
Repair Dingy, Broken Teeth with Veneers
Dentists still use fillings in a number of materials and colors together with caps and crowns to repair decayed and damaged teeth. These processes can leave you with teeth that, while practical, don't look their best. Today's cosmetic dentists now offer a service known as veneering. After your teeth have been fixed and restored to their original size as well as form, a porcelain veneer is forever attached using a special adhesive. Not only can veneers cover the damage, but they may be utilized to close the gaps that many people have between our teeth. The end result is a complete and brilliantly white smile.
Gum Sculpting to Restore Your Gums
Of all the distinct issues the average adult will probably suffer from, gingivitis along with the consequent damage to their gums have become the most frequent. This may lead to periodontal disease, loose teeth and eventually to teeth falling out, if not addressed properly. Now, the average cosmetic dentist uses a method known as gum sculpting to encourage the regrowth of healthy tissue and to remove damaged gum tissue. When used in conjunction with bone mineral scaffolding, today's dentist can reestablish the integrity of his patient's teeth and gums, leaving them with a mouth filled with teeth that are firmly held in place.
Finally, a Manner to Install Permanent Replacements
While dental implants are really nothing new, history shows them being used as far back as 600 AD, with the newest developments being more successful. Using a titanium post, cosmetic dentists are now able to install permanent replacement teeth. Not only are the posts permanent, but by utilizing the latest materials and gum sculpting techniques, the teeth will become a permanent installation that can be taken care of much like a patient's initial teeth. Modern cosmetic dentistry can now entirely restore even those smiles that have been the victims of critical harm and transform them into total, beautiful smiles anyone can be happy with.- Dentist in Miami